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"If you are Black or Mixed-Race and diagnosed with LEUKAEMIA Cancer or certain types of blood disorder illness, your chances of finding a bone marrow match is 1 in 100,000+ in comparison to Whites (Caucasians) 1 in 5."

DWIB Objectives

  • To set up first Bone Marrow register and its laboratory in Sub-Saharan Africa to be based in Ghana.

  • To embark on advocacy programmes that focus on creating awareness of the disease to the public in general and second cycle and tertiary education specifically to encourage participation

  • Get Ghana’s Bone marrow Register linked to the Global Bone Marrow Register

  • Acquire Ultra-modern Equipment for Haematology Department at the Korle- Bu Teaching Hospital

  • To set up a fund to assist leukaemia patients go through their treatment at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

  • To maintain the website for the Trust in order to enhance its activities in areas of information and education

  • To mirror all the above objectives in other African countries and the Caribbean

Leukaemia is cancer of the blood.  The causes are not yet fully known, and a cure is by no means certain.  Despite huge medical advances, leukaemia remains the most devastating disease, find out more.

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We need to raise £1,000,000.00 to set up the first Sub-Saharan Africa Bone Marrow Register in Ghana. The Chart above indicates what has been raised so far in red.

DWIB was inaugurated in Ghana on 17th March 2005 and funds raised so far are £85,000 and were used for the following:

    • Started West Africa First Bone Marrow Register with 1020 donors in Ghana (Not linked to Global Register yet).
    • Renovated three Haematology rooms for treatment of leukaemia patients at Korle-Bu Hospital in Ghana.
    • Helped fund treatment of a young leukaemia patient at Korle-Bu Hospital in Ghana.
    • Paid off some of DWIB setting up cost.




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