Certain organizations and individuals have been very instrumental to the set up of the Trust and its continuing success and deserve to be specially acknowledged. Special appreciation goes to…………….


  • Mr. Rodney Addo (Whitesys Ltd) for the design and continuous work on the DWIB Website
  • Ultimate Publications Ltd for volunteering to print allworks of the Trust
  • Oduro-Nyarko and Associates (Chartered Accountants) for helping in the Incorporation of the Trust and accepting to be Auditors of the Trust
  • Mr. Kofi Ansah (CEO, Artdress) :- As well as being an Executive Council member, Mr. Ansah has been supportive of the very idea for the set up of the Trust and continues to advise and make inputs to shape it
  • The Late Mr. Danny Whyte (Executive Director and Founder) , for mooting the idea for the Trust and his tireless efforts to bring it to reality as well as nurturing and sustaining the birth of a truly innovative and necessary venture in our part of the world (sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Mr. Ivor Burford (PR Person in the UK and co-Founder), for supporting the idea for the set up of the Trust as well as actively promoting awareness of the Trust and its objectives in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Jamaica
  • Dr Ivy Ekem (Head of Haematology, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra and Executive Member of the Trust) for volunteering her professional expertise as well as her very precious time and money to the service of the Trust in all its operational areas
  • Mr. Rudolf Francis Hans-Jorie (President of City 2000 Youth Action International) forsupporting the idea for the set up of the Trust as well as bringing the expertise of his organization to bear on the proper and swift set up of the Trust.
  • Mr. Alexius Allen Quashie (Director of Operations, City 2000 Youth Action International) for doing the secretarial work
  • City 2000 Youth Action International for volunteering their professional expertise and experience to the service of the Trust
  • Mr. Kwaw Ansah (CEO, TV Africa) :- He has volunteered to use his station to create awareness of leukaemia in Ghana as well as promote activities of the Trust
  • Chief Dele Momodu (CEO, Ovation Magazine):- has promised to carry a regular advert of the Trust in his magazine as well as publicise activities of the Trust
  • Miss N E Denneth :- For keeping the faith with contributions for DWIB
  • Mr. Kwami Christian Agbodza Economist) :- As well as being an Executive Member and Secretary of DWIB UK, Mr. Agbodza has been supportive by undertaking all the duties regarding registering and seting up a bank account for DWIB in the UK
  • Yarie Enye Video and Song Creation/Production: Winneba Youth Choir, Amandzeba Nat Brew, Nana Yaa Mensah, Kwaku-T, Reggie Rockstone, Jimmy Beckley, Panji of Pidgeon Music, Assistant Ernest Adzaka, Q, Alex Amoani, Kwame Farkye, Abenaa Briggs, Abdulai Awudu, Giga-Rock Studio, Headlines Hospitality.
  • Sankofa Magazine: Sankofa have been and continue to support DWIB UK and Ghana by covering our events and featuring them in their glossy magazine (Sankofa) which is sold in Africa, USA and Europe. They also advertise the Trust objectives and donation info in every copy of the Magazine.
  • OBE TV: OBE TV based in London and transmits on Sky Channel 159 all over Europe and North Africa. They have supported DWIB UK tremendously by publicising all our events in the UK and performing interviews on our progress. Mr & Mrs Ampaw proprietors of OBE are also Patrons of DWIB UK.
  • Graphic Communications Group Ltd: The biggest and oldest Newspaper in Ghana have been publicising DWIB Ghana and it activities since it was inaugurated in Ghana in early 2005 and they continue to support us.
  • Billy BB: Letsgo Paintings by Billy BB have donated paintings to the Trust which have been auctioned to raise funds for DWIB. His Paintings can be viewed at and each one bought, 50% of the proceeds is donated to DWIB.
  • Emelia Bartels: A Patron of DWIB UK and the organiser of the yearly GPA Awards in the UK creates awareness of the Trust through her event.
  • James Taylor: James AKA Jaytee has been supporting DWIB UK with his PA System and Music Equipment known as Deejay Jaytee & Crew at most of our UK  events.
  • Henry Annan: A Patron and Member of DWIB UK, Mr Annan and his lovely wife Zeta have supported DWIB UK tremendously and continue to do so every year by organising a Fundraising Garden Party in aid of DWIB.
  • Sarah Oppong: A Patron and Member of DWIB UK, Sarah has supported the Trust enormously and continues to do so.
  • Gold Coast: The ultimate Ghanaian Restaurant and Wine Bar in London. Mr & Mrs Quagraine proprietors of Gold Coast Restaurant & Wine Bar are also Patrons of DWIB UK.
  • Joanna Crabbe, Syreeta Quartey, Nina Rizvi, Sylvia Crabbe: They have been voluntarily supporting DWIB UK regularly in our events.
  • Joan & Jo-Ellen Ata-Bedu, Mimi Andoh, Abigail Okuley, Irene Boahene: Active and dedicated Volunteers of DWIB. They also donate regularly to the Trust.
  • Arnold Asafu-Adjaye: A Member of DWIB UK; Arnold and his friends Victor, KSM Jnr and Ruth supported us in organising the Weekend Fundraising & Awareness event at Gold Coast, London. He continues to support DWIB.
  • Tina Attoh, Rienkje Attoh-Baidoo, Solon Attoh-Baidoo, Rio Attoh-Baidoo, Denvor Syrimis: They have been voluntarily supporting DWIB UK regularly in our events. Special thanks to Tina Attoh for covering our UK events by taking pictures and video recording.


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