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Leukaemia Overview (Dr. Ivy Ekem )      


Commit to a life saving procedure now  
Account details for donations (gh, uk, int)      
Garden Party A3-A4 Poster      
Gold Coast Fundraising      
What is Leukaemia Flyer      

Email contact form
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dwib leukaemia trust (uk) account details for donations  
Standing Order Form (UK)      
Standing Order Form (GH)      
Volunteer Agreement Form  
Bone Marrow Tranplantation (Seven Steps)  
DWIB Banners        
DWIB Yarie Enye Song and Video Credits  
DWIB Theme Song        
Care & Support Programme (Functional Summary) June 2005  
How to become a patron (letter & endorsement)  
DWIB Profile  
DWIB Leukaemia Trust (Ghana) Account Details For Donations  
Dr. Ekem's Presentation on real Leukaemia case in Korle-Bu      

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