How to join the Register


You must be aged between 18 and 44 years old (registered before your 45 th birthday) and be a blood donor. You can join when you next give blood, or even at the same time as your first donation.


Who is eligible to join?


Help organise and run a donor recruitment clinic


What is bone marrow?


Bone marrow is the place where stem cells, which are the “building blocks”, can grow into any of the other normal blood cells; these are red cells, which carry oxygen; white cells, which fight infection; and platelets, which stop bleeding.


What happens if I match?


If you are identified as the best possible match with a patient, you will be invited to attend the Haematology Daycare for an explanation of procedures from one of our clinical staff.

You will also have a thorough medical examination by a doctor to ensure that you are fit enough to donate. We will ask for your consent to perform a number of blood tests, in order to ensure that there is nothing wrong with you as a donor, and that there is no risk to the patient who will receive your donation.


What happens in a transplant?


Why we need donors from all ethnic groups


Why we urgently need more men to join the Register


Who might need a transplant?



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