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About the Cancer Profilers T

The Cancer ProfilersT are interactive decision support tools brought to you by Healthcommunities.com and NexCura®. The Profiler enables patients and their physicians to make better-informed treatment decisions using information from evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical literature.

To use a Cancer Profiler, NexCura requires you to register an email address, to be used as your username, and a password. Please note that disclosing personal information is optional when using the free Cancer Profiler tool. Please select a Cancer Profiler from the menu below.

Any information provided to NexCura is subject to NexCura's privacy policy, which we recommend you read. Healthcommunities.com does not have access to the information a user provides to NexCura. Their policy is compliant with the HON Code Principles of the Health on the Net Foundation.

Healthcommunities.com is proud to recommend the Cancer Profilers. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Leukemia - Adult ALL
Leukemia - Adult AML
Leukemia - Adult CML

Cancer Profiler, NexCura and the NexCura logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of NexCura, Inc. Copyright© 2002 NexCura, Inc. All rights reserved. Patent pending.

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