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Look out for the new and exciting Ambassadors DWIB contest coming to a campus near you!

DWIB Leukaemia Trust is looking for Ambassadors to represent The Trust at campus level - and also the opportunity to represent DWIB nationwide, through their new and exciting contest “Ambassadors DWIB!”

The contest will take the shape of a debate where contestants will demonstrate their knowledge and ability to educate others regarding leukaemia.  Contestants get the chance to win prizes such as stationary vouchers, televisions, mobile phones plus free units, other household items and many many more.  There will also be entertainment from Ghana’s hottest High and Hip Life artists.

Regional winners will automatically get through to the televised Grand Finale, to be held at a prestigious venue in Accra.  There, the National Ambassadors DWIB will be decided - where the ultimate prize will be a car specifically for the use of National Ambassadors DWIB as they carry out their duties!   

The competition is open to all who are:

  1. Aged 18 – 25
  2. Student of one of the selected tertiary level campuses
  3. Prepared to be a bone marrow donor
  4. Passionate believers in the cause
  5. Possess leadership qualities/abilities
  6. Intelligent and articulate
  7. Have a motivational attitude
  8. Charismatic and Dynamic
  9. Have marketing skills and are convincing
  10. Pleasant/People person

Register when the contest gets to your campus and be a part of the groundbreaking AMBASSADORS DWIB!!!





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