ANAEMIA (i)A past history of persistent anaemia is not acceptable - or if someone is regularly anaemic - i.e: more than three times a year. (ii) If a volunteer is temporarily/or if rarely anaemic he/she will not be acceptable until all medication has ceased and their haemoglobin count is within the accepted range. Donor should only join if Hb within accepted range
ASTHMA (i) If the volunteer is on continuous high dose medication (more than 8 inhalations /puffs per day) he/she cannot be accepted. Generally a person suffering from asthma is more likely to have post-operative complications than someone who has no breathing difficulties. (ii) If medication is taken rarely, less than 8 inhalations/puffs per day or if the asthma is brought on by an allergy, the condition is acceptable.
BACK COMPLAINT Bone Marrow is drawn from the iliac crests (upper part of hip bones) using needles and syringes and a degree of pressure is applied when inserting the needles which may put strain on the lower back area. Therefore a donor with any chronic lower back problems would NOT be suitable. ANY chronic lumbar vertebrae problems, ie: slipped discs or sciatica would NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. Minor muscular problems, or problems in the cervical or thoracic region of the spine would be acceptable if minor. Chronic upper back/neck problems NOT acceptable either. If lifestyle compromised in any way - ie : by avoiding certain sports, heavy lifting, sitting for long periods of time then NOT acceptable
DEPRESSION/MENTAL ILLNESS Full details of treatment and medication is ESSENTIAL as individual assessment is necessary - ONLY acceptable if mild, short-term reactive depression & short term medication taken.
DIABETES - NON-INSULIN DEPENDENT Acceptable as long as the condition is well controlled by diet. (See Definite Preclusion list for insulin dep. diabetes)
ECZEMA If atopic (since childhood & quite severe) - not acceptable as auto-immune. Mild & irregular - acceptable.
ENDOMETRIOSIS Acceptable if condition is well controlled.
EPILEPSY (i) If volunteer is on medication then he/she is not able to proceed as the dangers associated with general anaesthetic are too great. (ii) If volunteer has not had a seizure for a minimum of 3 years and has not taken medication during that time he/she may be accepted. Donors must be aware that there is a small risk of fitting when awakening from the anaesthetic but this can be well-controlled.
GALL STONES If the volunteer has undergone surgery & has no current problems then acceptable.
GASTRO-INTESTINAL SYMPTOMS ie: Ulcers, gastritis - acceptable as long as the disease is well-controlled, no internal bleeding or other complications.
GLANDULAR FEVER Acceptable if in the past & mild, NOT acceptable if a current condition or if individual still suffering from any after effects.
HEART CONDITION If the volunteer has a congenital heart condition eg. murmur, thickened valve etc. but does NOT have to take any prophylactic antibiotic cover at any time and is in good health he/she is acceptable. **(For other heart conditions see Definite Preclusion list)
HEPATITIS A Acceptable if time span greater than 1 yr & donor currently asymptomatic.
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE If the condition is well-controlled by medication the volunteer will probably be accepted. Most recent BP reading required - ok if below: 150/95. (Donor must fall within ANBMT weight criteria).
HIP REPLACEMENT This is acceptable as long as no current problems at all but volunteer must be aware that some short-term back pain could arise if chosen to donate.
HYSTERECTOMY In order to be eligible the volunteer must have had the operation over 6 months ago and there must have been no malignancies.
I.B.S Acceptable.
JAUNDICE If the volunteer suffered jaundice as a baby or at a young age he/she is acceptable.
MALARIA (i) If volunteer has taken a full course of anti-malarial tablets he/she is still acceptable to proceed. (ii) If volunteer has suffered from malaria within the past year he/she is not acceptable for the time being. If the time span is greater than 1 year and the donor is asymptomatic the volunteer is acceptable.
M.E Only acceptable if one episode over 1 year ago and no relapses have occurred.
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) May be acceptable depending on severity/ treatment. As for depression - full Compulsive details required as individual assessment necessary.
OPERATIONS Any form of major surgery - at least six months must have elapsed since the operation and the volunteer must be clear of any post operative symptoms.
OSTEO-ARTHRITIS ONLY acceptable if the volunteer is not on steroids & if hip/spine areas unaffected. Mild, without treatment acceptable.
PANCREATITIS If one episode and fully recovered - may be acceptable. If chronic, with chronic diarrhoea - NO.
PERICARDITIS Check cause, ok if fully recovered and no antibiotic cover needed.
PID(Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) Acceptable
PITUITARY TUMOUR Acceptable if benign, no complications post-op (see brain surgery).
PLEURISY Possibly acceptable - check cause. OK if one episode and no recurrence.
POLIO Acceptable as long as the volunteer does not suffer any serious physical disabilities which could be aggravated by donating marrow.
PROCTITIS Check cause - could be auto-immune association.
PSORIASIS Only acceptable if very mild. NOT acceptable if taking steroids or methotrexate.
RAYNAUDS SYNDROME Possibly acceptable - NOT if associated with SLE.
RENAL COLIC (Kidney Stone) Acceptable.
ROSACEA Possibly ok if localised rash on face - may be associated to SLE.
SCOLIOSIS Only acceptable if donor does not have any current back problems or rods inserted.
SCHEUERMANNS DISEASE Acceptable, as long as no current problems. (adolescent curvature of back).
SHINGLES Acceptable.
SPINA BIFIDA OCCULTA Acceptable only if donor is free from any back problems or mobility problems.
TACHYCARDIA Depends on cause - if mild and not on medication then acceptable. NOT if on medication.
TAY-SACHS Only acceptable if donor is a carrier.
TB (i) If the disease is active the volunteer should not proceed (ii) Acceptable if the volunteer has been free of disease for more than 2 years and is not on medication.
TESTOSTERONE INJECTIONS Acceptable - synthetic injection.
THALASSAEMIA Only acceptable if donor is a carrier of the trait.
THYROID (i) Volunteers on thyroxine are acceptable. (ii) Volunteers on other drugs - individual assessment is necessary (iii) If volunteer has Graves disease or Hashimoto's thyroiditis. These conditions are NOT acceptable due to auto-immune association. If unsure then please check with GP BEFORE proceeding.
TOP (Termination of Pregnancy) Ok.
TOXOPLASMOSIS Acceptable but please note on MQ.
TURNERS SYNDROME Acceptable if donor has no heart problems.
URTICARIA Acceptable - but severity and treatment must be noted as individual assessment necessary.

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